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Advertising Creative Toolkit

Boutique template, easy to operate

Rich template resources, easy operation, Fast creative creation

Massive resources for you to use

20 million + high quality original animation material.10,000+ boutique micro-motion advertising video template

Cloud rendering, fast and convenient

Fast rendering in the fastest 5s Greatly improve production efficiency

Multiple formats, adapt to different networks

Support all types of advertising sizes,Meet your various advertising needs


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Actual Case

CTR upgraded 75% of commercials

This advertisement introduces a bird staying outside the field, bringing the visual sense of dimensional integration. The fretting of pigeons brings vividness and pictorial sense to the effect of the advertisement.
The original static image CTR was 0.16%, and the CTR was 0.28% after using the cinemagraph, which increased by 75%.

This tool helps me save a lot of costs, including finding creative inspiration, creative production, exporting different formats, is a great assistant!


CTR increased educational advertising by 55%.

The flowing Cherry Blossom special effect and the girl 's flowing hair create a more aesthetic and dreamlike scene, which is in line with Japanese fans 's fantasies about Japan.
The original static image CTR was 0.2%, and the CTR was 0.31% after using the cinemagraph, which increased by 55%.

Provide me with a lot of inspiration, a powerful weapon for advertising marketers!


CTR increased real estate advertising by 130%.

Initial room light is dark black, the light gives people a sudden sense of impact. Outside the window there are meteors, creating a warm two-person world style.
The original static image CTR was 0.2%, and the CTR was 0.46% after using the cinemagraph, which increased by 130%.

There are many creative resources here, which provide great convenience for the production of advertising materials!

James Andrew McAvoy


When you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations.

Robert Thomas Pattinson
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